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You Might Want to Reconsider That Tattoo

tattooooA tattoo, which is a carefully created design etched with ink into the skin, can be a beautiful expression of art and personality. Some people get just one small tattoo in a subtle place, while others cover their arms and legs in different designs and words. There’s no denying that many people take pride in their tattoos throughout their entire lives, but any dermatologist will confirm that just as many people regret their tattoos and will do whatever it takes to have them removed.

About Tattoos

A tattoo is ink placed into the deepest layer of the skin using a needle. This deep layer of skin called the dermis houses all of the connective tissue that creates the skin’s structure. The dermis also scars when it is damaged or repaired. Since tattoo ink reaches to the deepest level of skin, no form of cream or topical ointment can remove the tattoo.

How to Remove a Tattoo

Laser tattoo removal is the best option for a person who comes to regret etching his now ex-wife’s name into his arm. Lasers target the pigment by essentially blasting and destroying the tiny ink fragments in the dermis. But the ink has to go somewhere, so the body must filter it out while the immune system heals the skin and cleans up the spots of ink.

Lasers target color, which is why they can blast away tattoo ink without harming the skin above. However, professional tattoos are applied with higher quantities of ink, making removal that much trickier. It’s very possible that a shadow of the tattoo will remain even after extensive laser treatment.


Tattoo removal is expensive, timely, and often painful. Prepare yourself for the possibilities and contact your Naples Florida dermatologist to see what can be done. Even if an outline still remains at the end of the entire process, many people feel that it’s worth it, and a much better option that retaining the entire tattoo.

Updated: March 5, 2016 — 9:56 pm
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