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Everything You Should Know About Breast Lift Scars

Depending on the woman you ask, she might describe her breasts using any number of words. For many women who have lost significant weight, had children, or simply reached a certain age, the word they use to describe their breasts might be “saggy” or “deflated.” If this is the case for you, a breast lift surgery could be a life changing undertaking for you, one that may or may not contain implants to make your breasts larger as well.

As you contemplate the role of a breast lift in your life, you may wonder if you will have a scar afterward. Since a breast lift requires your surgeon to make an incision into your breast, you will inevitably be left with some type of scars. The most talented Tampa plastic surgeons know how to perform the operation to at least make the scar as minimal and invisible as possible, but scarring is a natural effect of any invasive procedure.

Most breast lifts are done using either a benelli scar, a vertical scar, or an inverted T scar. Those terms may not mean much to you, but they are very meaningful to your surgeon as he determines the best way to enhance your chest to your specifications.

The Benelli Scar
Since this is the method that results in the least visible scar, it is understandably the most technical and complicated type of cut. This is made possible because the surgeon would create a skin incision around the areola to allow the scar to form the border of the areola and eventually fade from view.

However, it is important to note that the benelli cannot be utilized in large breast reductions, only small breast reductions, breast lifts, and breast lifts with implants. Despite its higher difficulty level, the benelli scar rarely creates complications.

The Vertical Scar
This is not as common of a technique, and it creates a middle level of scarring—more than the benelli but less than the inverted T scar. In the vertical scar method, the scar exists on the middle underside of each breast, which many women prefer since it would hardly ever be noticed even if it didn’t fade with time. A vertical scar can also provide better shape to each breast, making it perfect for a breast augmentation tampa or reduction.

The Inverted T Scar
This type of scar method has been around the longest, which makes it most popular despite its higher rate of complication and more prevalent scar results. In order to make an inverted T scar, a great deal of skin has to be cut away and put back together. The way the skin is removed results in one vertical and one horizontal scar.

Updated: March 14, 2018 — 9:20 pm
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