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Don’t Continue Suffering From Dry Eyes

Everyone experiences dry eyes now and then, perhaps after a long swim without goggles or a movie-fest that didn’t include enough blinking, but many people live with chronic dry eyes. Though this is an uncomfortable condition, it does have many solutions, thanks to modern technology.

About Dry Eye
dry eyeDry eyes are a product of eyes that don’t produce tears correctly. There may be a lack of tears, or the existing tears may evaporate too quickly. It’s also possible for inflammation along the surface of the eye to occur. Though permanent vision loss due to dry eyes is uncommon, this condition can certainly make it difficult to perform certain activities and tolerate dry environments.

Dry Eye Categories
Aqueous Tear-Deficient Dry Eye Disorder occurs when the lacrimal glands fail to generate enough of the tears’ water component. Without this element, the eye surface doesn’t remain healthy and lubricated.

Evaporative Dry Eye is a result of inflammation of the meibomian glands located in the eyelids. Since these glands are responsible for making the oily part of the tears that slow down evaporation, dysfunction with the glands prevents the tears from being stable.

Symptoms of Dry Eye
If you experiencing burning in the eye, episodes of tears followed by dryness, blurred vision, pain and redness, or the inability to cry when distressed, you could be suffering from dry eye.Dry eye treatments are available from Tampa eye doctors like Ahad Mahootchi at The Eye Clinic of Florida. There are a number of causes that contribute to this chronic condition, including medication, pregnancy, vitamin deficiency, hormone replacement surgery, and infrequent blinking.

Dry Eye Treatments
Dry eyes can’t be cured, but they can be easily and effectively treated so that you no longer experience discomfort and pain.

Artificial tears are the most popular form of treatment because they are available over the counter. This is a great method for minor dry eye problems, but they must be used even when your eyes feel fine as a preventative measure. The prescription lubricant Restasis serves a similar purpose while also reducing inflammation and helping your body produce more natural tears. This is an effective medication, but it takes up to 90 days to become effective.

Lacrisert takes lubrication one step further with a sterile, slow-release lubricant that is placed under the lower eye as a solid insert to provide consistent, all-day moisture.
Talk to your eye doctor to learn how you can finally experience relief from your chronic dry eyes.

Updated: December 20, 2015 — 2:17 am
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