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Brow Tinting

The Art and Science of Brow Tinting

When it comes to makeup, the right look and style can transform your appearance. But unless you’re Madonna you can’t count on having a makeup artist at your beck and call. Eye brow tinting is a really neat way to enhance your appearance without any morning makeup stress. It only takes one professional appointment to achieve a look that will last if you schedule with Lovely Salon in Costa Mesa, CA.

Darken Your Brows

The first and most obvious benefit to tinting your brows is to enjoy a color boost. Darkening pale or fine brows, especially the arches, lends a stronger edge to your look. Tinted brows also help define the eyes, particularly light eyes. Brow tinting color choices range as widely as hair color choices, but dark brown is by far the most popular choice. A richer hue adds just the right bit of drama, as long as the hue isn’t so dark that it looks “inky” or fake.

Brow Tinting

Help Your Arches Look Thicker

Though you certainly don’t want out of control caterpillar eyebrows, thick and full eyebrows are now very trendy. Tinting can help boost the volume of your brows. This is very helpful if your brows are naturally fine or if they were recently over-plucked. This happens because the tinting color makes every single hair more noticeable and substantial.

Stay in Sync With Your Hair

If you’re gutsy enough to change your hair to an entirely different color—blond to brown, for example—you will need to match your brows with your new gorgeous mane. Mismatching hair and brow colors can make your arches appear too harsh and off-balance. You can tint your brows just enough to help the shade look warmer and closer to your new hair color.

Brow maintenance is about the same as hair maintenance. Every month you will need to head back in for a fresh application, since brow tinting is similar to a glaze that begins to wear away at the three week mark. Also, remember that since tinting simply darkens the hairs that exist, it can’t necessarily fix a major flaw like scar tissue or hair gaps. You’ll probably still need to fill those in with pencil yourself.

But overall, brow tinting is an incredible way to emphasize your appearance and feel fierce.

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