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A Quick Guide to Andropause, the Male Menopause

There are plenty of jokes between wives in which they roll their eyes, point to their cranky husbands, and whisper, “It’s MANopause!” But the truth is that men do go through their own form of menopause around the age of 40 or 50. This change is called andropause, and it is caused by a slow decrease in testosterone levels that continues throughout life.

Why Does Testosterone Matter?

Testosterone is the ultimate male hormone. It builds protein, supports stamina, and makes the male sex drive possible. It’s also necessary for proper liver function, bone formation, blood cell production, and other vital body functions. Without proper testosterone levels, men can suffer a variety of unpleasant symptoms. This is why older men often speak with Dr. Heim, a Tampa hormone replacement doctor.

Signs of Low Testosterone and Andropause


As testosterone levels diminish in a man’s body, he may begin to show certain signs. Erectile dysfunction is the most commonly known side effect since testosterone is so connected to the libido, but there are many other impacts as well. They include memory loss, weight gain, sleep apnea, daytime fatigue, muscle loss, hair loss, and possibly even depression.

This testosterone loss is significant. Studies show that a 70-year-old man has only 10 percent the level of testosterone as a 25-year-old male. And though four to five million men experience andropause, only five to ten percent will seek treatment.

Andropause Relief

Just like menopause, andropause can also be treated so that men can experience relief and start to feel more like themselves. While there are plenty of medicines and creams available that supposedly reverse “Low T,” bio-identical hormone treatment is a far more sophisticated and reliable way to solve the problem of andropause.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BRHT) utilizes bioidentical hormones that are derived from naturally occurring plants in order to replicate the same chemical structure as the testosterone produced in the human body. They return the male body to normal, stabilized hormone levels that better reflect the qualities of youth that testosterone provides.

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