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What Should You Know About Dental Implants?

If you have been living without a complete set of teeth, then you know exactly how embarrassing, difficult, and painful it can be. Whether you lost some of your teeth to decay, injury, or other chronic oral problems, you may be wondering if it is possible for a Wesley chapel dentist to restore a full smile and enjoy a normal set of teeth once again. Thanks to recent advancements in dentistry, it is actually easier than ever before to restore your mouth using dental implants.

A Brief Introduction to Dental Implants

If your gum tissue is healthy enough, it may be possible for you to use dental implants to completely restore the appearance and function of your mouth. A dental implant in wesley chapel is a permanent titanium fixture that is screwed into your jawbone to replace the root system of your missing teeth. Once the strong titanium post is inserted, it takes about three months to fuse with your jawbone and become a permanent component of your mouth.

After the titanium post is situated, a crown that looks and feels exactly like a natural tooth is then attached to create an attractive and cohesive appearance. If you are missing more than one tooth, a dental bridge can also be used to create teeth over a larger space in between two or three implants. Your dentist will evaluate your mouth and determine the best customized solution for your teeth.

Dental Implant Benefits

Since implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even a full upper and/or lower set of teeth, implants make it possible to completely restore a damaged mouth and create an attractive, fully-functional set of teeth once again. There’s nothing quite as liberating and rewarding as being able to eat, talk, and smile without hesitation.

Dental implants set themselves apart from any other oral restoration procedure because they last your entire lifetime. Not only do they directly support the jawbone and last permanently when they receive proper care, but they are also the form of tooth replacement that can prevent bone loss, preserve facial appearance, and remain in place without any need for periodic adjustments. You are searching for a solution to your missing teeth, ask your dentist about implants!

Everything You Should Know About Breast Lift Scars

Depending on the woman you ask, she might describe her breasts using any number of words. For many women who have lost significant weight, had children, or simply reached a certain age, the word they use to describe their breasts might be “saggy” or “deflated.” If this is the case for you, a breast lift surgery could be a life changing undertaking for you, one that may or may not contain implants to make your breasts larger as well.

As you contemplate the role of a breast lift in your life, you may wonder if you will have a scar afterward. Since a breast lift requires your surgeon to make an incision into your breast, you will inevitably be left with some type of scars. The most talented Tampa plastic surgeons know how to perform the operation to at least make the scar as minimal and invisible as possible, but scarring is a natural effect of any invasive procedure.

Most breast lifts are done using either a benelli scar, a vertical scar, or an inverted T scar. Those terms may not mean much to you, but they are very meaningful to your surgeon as he determines the best way to enhance your chest to your specifications.

The Benelli Scar
Since this is the method that results in the least visible scar, it is understandably the most technical and complicated type of cut. This is made possible because the surgeon would create a skin incision around the areola to allow the scar to form the border of the areola and eventually fade from view.

However, it is important to note that the benelli cannot be utilized in large breast reductions, only small breast reductions, breast lifts, and breast lifts with implants. Despite its higher difficulty level, the benelli scar rarely creates complications.

The Vertical Scar
This is not as common of a technique, and it creates a middle level of scarring—more than the benelli but less than the inverted T scar. In the vertical scar method, the scar exists on the middle underside of each breast, which many women prefer since it would hardly ever be noticed even if it didn’t fade with time. A vertical scar can also provide better shape to each breast, making it perfect for a breast augmentation tampa or reduction.

The Inverted T Scar
This type of scar method has been around the longest, which makes it most popular despite its higher rate of complication and more prevalent scar results. In order to make an inverted T scar, a great deal of skin has to be cut away and put back together. The way the skin is removed results in one vertical and one horizontal scar.

The Steps of a Standard Dental Cleaning

It’s okay to admit it. The dentist’s chair may not be your very favorite place in the world to spend a Saturday morning. But don’t forget that your time in that chair ensures that your teeth remain strong, healthy, and white for years to come.

So what exactly happens at a regular dental cleaning at your St. Petersburg dentist office that is necessary every six months for optimal oral health?

dental office


A dental hygienist is responsible for cleaning your teeth before the dentist comes in to take a look around. Before dental cleaning, however, your hygienist will complete a physical exam of your entire mouth using a small mirror to see from all angles. She does this to check for any obvious problems like the swollen and inflamed gums of gingivitis, cavities, or odd residue on your tongue.

Remove Tartar and Plaque

This is the step that requires the picking tools that cause many people anxiety. In reality, all the hygienist does during this phase is scrape away plaque and tartar from in between the teeth and where the teeth meet the gums. The scraping you hear is necessary to separate the tartar from your teeth.

Plaque can be removed at home with floss and a toothbrush, but plaque turns to tartar when it hardens, and at that point it can only be removed by a dentist. This can be a learning experience to determine if you need to take better care of your teeth at home.

The Electric Brush

Kids might know this brush as “Mr. Tickle,” but adults know it as the spinning electric brush that applies gritty toothpaste for an extra deep cleaning. This brush helps to catch any hidden tarter and scrub your teeth for a better clean than your regular toothbrush can accomplish.

Floss, Rinse, Fluoride

Once all of the hard work is done, your hygienist will floss your teeth with dental expertise, ask you to rinse your mouth out, and then apply a cavity-busting fluoride treatment if it’s appropriate. Afterward, the dentist comes in to check out your mouth and make notes. This gives you a chance to bring up any concerns you may have, like increased tooth sensitivity.

See, a trip to the dentist really isn’t frightening at all. It’s a quick and simple process that helps keep your teeth in the best condition possible.

A Quick Guide to Andropause, the Male Menopause

There are plenty of jokes between wives in which they roll their eyes, point to their cranky husbands, and whisper, “It’s MANopause!” But the truth is that men do go through their own form of menopause around the age of 40 or 50. This change is called andropause, and it is caused by a slow decrease in testosterone levels that continues throughout life.

Why Does Testosterone Matter?

Testosterone is the ultimate male hormone. It builds protein, supports stamina, and makes the male sex drive possible. It’s also necessary for proper liver function, bone formation, blood cell production, and other vital body functions. Without proper testosterone levels, men can suffer a variety of unpleasant symptoms. This is why older men often speak with Dr. Heim, a Tampa hormone replacement doctor.

Signs of Low Testosterone and Andropause


As testosterone levels diminish in a man’s body, he may begin to show certain signs. Erectile dysfunction is the most commonly known side effect since testosterone is so connected to the libido, but there are many other impacts as well. They include memory loss, weight gain, sleep apnea, daytime fatigue, muscle loss, hair loss, and possibly even depression.

This testosterone loss is significant. Studies show that a 70-year-old man has only 10 percent the level of testosterone as a 25-year-old male. And though four to five million men experience andropause, only five to ten percent will seek treatment.

Andropause Relief

Just like menopause, andropause can also be treated so that men can experience relief and start to feel more like themselves. While there are plenty of medicines and creams available that supposedly reverse “Low T,” bio-identical hormone treatment is a far more sophisticated and reliable way to solve the problem of andropause.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BRHT) utilizes bioidentical hormones that are derived from naturally occurring plants in order to replicate the same chemical structure as the testosterone produced in the human body. They return the male body to normal, stabilized hormone levels that better reflect the qualities of youth that testosterone provides.

Read this for more about hormone replacement for women.

The Art and Science of Brow Tinting

When it comes to makeup, the right look and style can transform your appearance. But unless you’re Madonna you can’t count on having a makeup artist at your beck and call. Eye brow tinting is a really neat way to enhance your appearance without any morning makeup stress. It only takes one professional appointment to achieve a look that will last if you schedule with Lovely Salon in Costa Mesa, CA.

Darken Your Brows

The first and most obvious benefit to tinting your brows is to enjoy a color boost. Darkening pale or fine brows, especially the arches, lends a stronger edge to your look. Tinted brows also help define the eyes, particularly light eyes. Brow tinting color choices range as widely as hair color choices, but dark brown is by far the most popular choice. A richer hue adds just the right bit of drama, as long as the hue isn’t so dark that it looks “inky” or fake.

Brow Tinting

Help Your Arches Look Thicker

Though you certainly don’t want out of control caterpillar eyebrows, thick and full eyebrows are now very trendy. Tinting can help boost the volume of your brows. This is very helpful if your brows are naturally fine or if they were recently over-plucked. This happens because the tinting color makes every single hair more noticeable and substantial.

Stay in Sync With Your Hair

If you’re gutsy enough to change your hair to an entirely different color—blond to brown, for example—you will need to match your brows with your new gorgeous mane. Mismatching hair and brow colors can make your arches appear too harsh and off-balance. You can tint your brows just enough to help the shade look warmer and closer to your new hair color.

Brow maintenance is about the same as hair maintenance. Every month you will need to head back in for a fresh application, since brow tinting is similar to a glaze that begins to wear away at the three week mark. Also, remember that since tinting simply darkens the hairs that exist, it can’t necessarily fix a major flaw like scar tissue or hair gaps. You’ll probably still need to fill those in with pencil yourself.

But overall, brow tinting is an incredible way to emphasize your appearance and feel fierce.

Here’s What You Should Know About MS

Multiple sclerosis, commonly known as MS, is a disease of the central nervous system that can have debilitating results. As with any disease, it’s important to recognize the signs, especially if your family has a history of MS, to be as preventative and responsive as possible.

Defining MS

When a body suffers from multiple sclerosis, the immune system attacks the protective layer that covers nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. Eventually, the brain and the rest of the body can no longer communicate effectively, which results in physical and mental difficulties.

This process is similar to what happens when the insulation coating on electrical wires is worn away or broken. When the wires (or, in MS, nerve fibers) are exposed, the messages that travel along that wire (or nerve) are slowed or blocked.

Causes of MS

Despite such impressive medical advancements in the 21st century, the cause of MS is still unknown. Doctors categorize it as an autoimmune disease since the body’s immune system attacks its own tissue.

A few risk factors may increase a person’s chances of developing MS. Women between the ages of 15 and 60 are twice as likely as men to develop MS, and those with a family history are also at an increased risk. If you are worried about your risks, speak to your local Port Richey doctor for advice. Race also seems to play a part, as white people of Northern European descent are by far the most common to develop MS, while those of African or Native American descent are least likely.

MS Warning Signals

MS is tricky to pin down because it looks different in every person and the symptoms don’t always remain consistent. However, the most common symptoms of MS are slurred speech, lack of coordination, tingling in certain parts of the body, and numbness or weakness in certain limbs. Others with MS experience partial or complete loss of vision, usually in one eye at a time. As time goes on, paralysis in the legs might occur, as well as epilepsy, depression, and muscle spasms.

To schedule your next health check up in Trinity & Port Richey, Florida visit


You Might Want to Reconsider That Tattoo

tattooooA tattoo, which is a carefully created design etched with ink into the skin, can be a beautiful expression of art and personality. Some people get just one small tattoo in a subtle place, while others cover their arms and legs in different designs and words. There’s no denying that many people take pride in their tattoos throughout their entire lives, but any dermatologist will confirm that just as many people regret their tattoos and will do whatever it takes to have them removed.

About Tattoos

A tattoo is ink placed into the deepest layer of the skin using a needle. This deep layer of skin called the dermis houses all of the connective tissue that creates the skin’s structure. The dermis also scars when it is damaged or repaired. Since tattoo ink reaches to the deepest level of skin, no form of cream or topical ointment can remove the tattoo.

How to Remove a Tattoo

Laser tattoo removal is the best option for a person who comes to regret etching his now ex-wife’s name into his arm. Lasers target the pigment by essentially blasting and destroying the tiny ink fragments in the dermis. But the ink has to go somewhere, so the body must filter it out while the immune system heals the skin and cleans up the spots of ink.

Lasers target color, which is why they can blast away tattoo ink without harming the skin above. However, professional tattoos are applied with higher quantities of ink, making removal that much trickier. It’s very possible that a shadow of the tattoo will remain even after extensive laser treatment.


Tattoo removal is expensive, timely, and often painful. Prepare yourself for the possibilities and contact your Naples Florida dermatologist to see what can be done. Even if an outline still remains at the end of the entire process, many people feel that it’s worth it, and a much better option that retaining the entire tattoo.

Don’t Continue Suffering From Dry Eyes

Everyone experiences dry eyes now and then, perhaps after a long swim without goggles or a movie-fest that didn’t include enough blinking, but many people live with chronic dry eyes. Though this is an uncomfortable condition, it does have many solutions, thanks to modern technology.

About Dry Eye
dry eyeDry eyes are a product of eyes that don’t produce tears correctly. There may be a lack of tears, or the existing tears may evaporate too quickly. It’s also possible for inflammation along the surface of the eye to occur. Though permanent vision loss due to dry eyes is uncommon, this condition can certainly make it difficult to perform certain activities and tolerate dry environments.

Dry Eye Categories
Aqueous Tear-Deficient Dry Eye Disorder occurs when the lacrimal glands fail to generate enough of the tears’ water component. Without this element, the eye surface doesn’t remain healthy and lubricated.

Evaporative Dry Eye is a result of inflammation of the meibomian glands located in the eyelids. Since these glands are responsible for making the oily part of the tears that slow down evaporation, dysfunction with the glands prevents the tears from being stable.

Symptoms of Dry Eye
If you experiencing burning in the eye, episodes of tears followed by dryness, blurred vision, pain and redness, or the inability to cry when distressed, you could be suffering from dry eye.Dry eye treatments are available from Tampa eye doctors like Ahad Mahootchi at The Eye Clinic of Florida. There are a number of causes that contribute to this chronic condition, including medication, pregnancy, vitamin deficiency, hormone replacement surgery, and infrequent blinking.

Dry Eye Treatments
Dry eyes can’t be cured, but they can be easily and effectively treated so that you no longer experience discomfort and pain.

Artificial tears are the most popular form of treatment because they are available over the counter. This is a great method for minor dry eye problems, but they must be used even when your eyes feel fine as a preventative measure. The prescription lubricant Restasis serves a similar purpose while also reducing inflammation and helping your body produce more natural tears. This is an effective medication, but it takes up to 90 days to become effective.

Lacrisert takes lubrication one step further with a sterile, slow-release lubricant that is placed under the lower eye as a solid insert to provide consistent, all-day moisture.
Talk to your eye doctor to learn how you can finally experience relief from your chronic dry eyes.

Essential Home Healthcare Products For Elders

When we have elderly people at home especially in USA who needs unsurpassed medical consideration we rely on upon Home Healthcare products instead of racing to hospital or specialist every now and again for a basic examination or any sort of customary medical backing. Exploratory researches have made it simple for us. Today we have boundless scopes of products accessible to browse as indicated by our need and spending plan.

home health care

How about we examine the top basic products that are required much of the time and utilized generally and are effectively accessible. The principal is a blood pressure screen. It checks systolic, diastolic pressure and heartbeat rate. It as a rule has a presentation screen to demonstrate the perusing. Many cutting edge machines store up to sixteen readings, which mean we can screen the enhancements for 2 months in any event. Organizations are notwithstanding connecting alarm clock office with it to remind the patient for normal examination of blood pressure.

The second thing that is utilized is a finished blood analyzer. There is a kit accessible for breaking down blood. It gauges blood pressure, HDL cholesterol, Triglycerides and ketone. The complete answer for any blood test related needs. Third we have the computerized thermometer. It displays the temperature in only 10 seconds and gives a beep sound when done. Glucose observing devices are likewise utilized. If there should arise an occurrence of diabetic patient, normal estimation of blood glucose is vital. The gadget gathers the blood by penetrating the fingertip and inside of few moments the outcome will be appeared in the computerized presentation screen.

Constant Glucose Monitoring devices measure glucose in the tissue liquid if there should arise an occurrence of intense diabetes mellitus. There is a sensor appended to it that persistently measure glucose level.


A few individuals use insulin conveyance devices. Scopes of products incorporate insulin syringes, insulin pens, insulin injectors, insulin pumps. The primary reason for every one of these products is to control insulin to the understanding’s body if your patient has insulin insufficiency and encouraged to take insulin by specialist.

Breathing devices could be obtained also. Some of devices accessible are Spacer,, Handihaler and so forth. These devices are extraordinary backing for the asthma patients any place, at whatever time. You may even need to consider needle therapy needles. These are required for physiotherapy treatments and can be utilized at home.

An electronic pill distributor has alarms to get patient ready at the season of medication, chooses the pill and measurements and doesn’t rehash if any dosage is missed. Joint pain and orthopedic guides can be magnificent for a few patients. At the point when any organ is harmed it makes all day by day, simple undertakings harder for us. Joint inflammation helps products offer us some assistance with doing our work all alone at home. These products incorporate dressing help, catch snare and zipper pull, sustenance guard, hip kit, extraordinary utensils, lavatory helps, arm bolster, portability helps, heel defenders, pedal backing and exerciser, elbow defender, pill crusher and so forth.

There are various more products in the business sector and the extents are enormous. Home Healthcare arrangements are truly useful for long haul treatment stage. These products lessen the time we spend hurrying to hospital or going to a specialist or therapist and all these are savvy as well when long haul need arrives.

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